The Craft of the Photo Booth Backdrop

The Design Process

Every design backdrop project consists of several distinct steps before any physical work on the backdrop begins. These steps are a crucial part of the process to form a theme and execute the perfect backdrop for a client.

The most important step starts with a collection of design inspiration. I usually create an inspiration board to analyze material, color and shape. This week is a great example of how those steps where executed. We are working on a backdrop for an industry party that is taking place this week at the Tahoe Mill. This event is an opportunity for us to showcase the photo booth, so we wanted to create a unique backdrop using material we already have on hand.

All of these images shaped the inspiration of our design. The theme quickly became a Native American inspired composition. We took a natural approach to this backdrop and created a handmade piece. Stay tuned for our next blog and we will share the final reveal of this backdrop.